Exodus of Souls

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After the Great Hilleviones War, Kalev, The King of Kalevia, stopped the war and ruled the 7 Kingdoms of Hilleviones with the sword Magnus Gladius, forged with 7-kingdoms’ soil. He knew that any peace cannot last forever, he sent his newborn son Sohni, to Valjaran.
Sohni grew up as a blacksmith and he has never been told that he was the heir to the throne of Kalevia until the time came.

After 48 years of silence, the fight between Ungannians and Tariens sparked the fire and spread the disorder to the other kingdoms.

Sohni, as an heir to the throne, needs to get the Magnus Gladius and rule the 7 Kingdoms of Hilleviones again.



Kalevia was founded by the legend King Kalev I.
He was also the blacksmith of the great sword, Magnus the Gladius.
Kalevian people are very good at establishing the balance of peace.
They are great warriors when needed.


Hunt is a primitive kingdom, located west coast of Hilleviones. Hunti people are usually peaceful people if no threat around. They believe that their ancestors were raised by wolfs. They usually fight and go hunting together with a wolfpack. They wear wolf fur and carry wolf teeth as a necklace.


Kaledonia is the only islander kingdom of Hilleviones, located in the most north part. Kaledonian people are warlike people and they have very well-developed war ships and they are good at sea wars. They are looking for the day to rule the Hilleviones under Kaledonia sword.


Ungannia is a warlike and invader kingdom of Hilleviones, located in the southeast. Ungannians are known as very savage and bandit people. Even in peacetime, they organize anonym attacks and robberies on Tarien. The bear is an important symbol and the king wears a bear head.


Kunda is the forest folk of Hilleviones. It is located west part of Hilleviones. Kundai people are known as forester and usually peaceful people. They use wood very well to develop different weapons. Elks are big part of their life and belief.


Tarien is the most east part of Hilleviones. Tarieni people are known as very savage and the most brutal people in the Hilleviones. Even in the peace time, the fight between Tarienis and Ungannians was going on. They use axe as their main weapon.


Valjaran is the southern kingdom of Hilleviones. Valjaran castle is located on the highest mountain of Hilleviones and in the kingdom’s history, it has never been occupied since its built. Valjaran people are known as well-defenders. King Kalev III, sent his newborn son Sohin to Valjaran to secure the kingdom’s future.



Early Gameplay Trailer

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